WOW my marketing professor rules she was talking about mission statements and used the one for the “women in business” group at my college which is “success is contagious” and she goes men i don’t want to leave you out because you’re half the class but just so you know, when women win, everyone wins

i wish people had started clapping but we just moved on to the next subject but that really touched me

i have way more pressing issues to attend to than dealing with some random girl tryna make a scene on twitter, like figuring out which selfie to post because they’re all so perfect

Anonymous asked:

seriously maxxs new gf is straight up calling you out on twitter, I really like you and I'm hoping you handle that bitch. Don't be a punk.

honestly idk what she is so worried about because like i have previously stated time and time again, i wouldn’t wanna date that dude again in a million years

she doesn’t need to be “handled” or even acknowledged like that girl has zero affect on my life whatsoever and that would be a waste of my time

idk why anybody in my inbox gives a fuck about this!!! i sure don’t